VRM Prot3ct® Mikro Clean®

A non-poisonous, 2 in 1 deodorising cleaner for domestic, commercial or agricultural cleaning  situations.

Available at licenced resellers only

Active Constituents

Fermentation extracts, natural enzymes, essential oils (lemon, lime, orange, pine), citric acid, lactic acid, alcohol surfactant; designed for use as a surface spray.

Relies on plant extracts for cleaning, lifting of soiled material and management of unwanted bacterial cultures.



A non-alkali cleaning product designed for wash-down and general cleaning of facilities housing intensive animal husbandry, food processing or plant cultivation.

Directions for Use


Spray on and wipe off with a damp cloth or paper wipes.

Avoid the use of warm water above 40°C.

Effective for heavily soiled surfaces (range-hoods, benchtops, ovens, sinks and bins).



Spray on dairy floors following wash down; leave until next wash down for optimum contact time.

Apply weekly or more often in heavily soiled areas until weekly application is achieved.



Store in a shaded place until ready to use. DO NOT FREEZE. Keep containers closed and free of debris when not in use. DO NOT SHAKE.

Pack Sizes

30010-500mL 500mL Spray Bottle

30010-1L         1L Drum

30010-15L      15L Cube


Long Shelf Life – no expiry concerns compared to other probiotic based formulations

Naturally Safe – non-poisonous and safe to use around people, children, pets and livestock 

Non-Toxic – organic based alternative that reduces need to use toxic chemicals

Lifts residues – digests organic residues (source of odours) from surfaces with continued use

Reduced Odours – controls ammonia and sulphide odours at residue source

Reduced Flies – makes surfaces areas less attractive to flies

Groundswell  Precursor (Dairies) – one of the touch points to aid the Groundswell process in making HumiSoil

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