170 Litre Milk Kart


The JFC Milk Kart is a perfect solution for transporting bulk quantities of milk on the farm.

The Kart is fitted with 2 corrosion resistant pneumatic wheels and 2 braked swivel castor wheels to deliver superior manoeuvrability and smooth handling. The Milk Kart is available with a motorised mixer, eliminating the need to hand mix milk replacement powder.

A Pumped version is also available allowing total control of flow using the hand held dispenser. JFC’s Milk Kart range is an ideal solution for quick and efficient calf feeding.

JFC’s 170 Litre Milk Kart is capable of mixing a 20kg bag of milk replacer in just 4 minutes. The mixer unit provides a smooth mix through vortex-enhanced mixing, which eliminates the separation of nutrients and / or foaming of milk.

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