VRM Prot3ct® Bio-Defender® (Animal Husbandry)

Probiotic early intervention barrier to the proliferation of biological disease agents.

Available at licenced resellers only

Active Constituents

Fermentation extracts, natural enzymes, essential oils (lemon, lime, orange, pine), citric acid, lactic acid.


Assists in the management of salmonella, faecal coliforms, fungal disease outbreaks, hydrogen sulphide production in faeces and nitrogen release from urine. Suitable for all areas where animals congregate including housing/sheds, yards and tracks, feed pads etc.

Directions for Use

Dilute Bio-defender for animals at 1:1000 in water and deliver as a fine mist or fog to the surface surrounding organic residue collection areas. For external situations, delivery in the afternoon and calm conditions is preferred.


Store in a shaded place until ready to use. Keep containers closed and free of debris when not in use. DO NOT SHAKE.  

Pack Sizes

30020-15L      15L Cube

30020-200L    200L Drum

30020-IBCL    1000L IBC


Long Shelf Life – no expiry concerns compared to other probiotic based formulations

Naturally Safe – non-poisonous and safe to use around people, children, pets and livestock 

Reduced Odours  – controls ammonia and sulphide odours at the effluent source

Reduced Flies – makes effluent areas less attractive for flies (takes a few weeks for full effect).

Groundswell  Precursor – one of the touch points to aid the Groundswell process in making HumiSoil

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