VetreSTART® CRU PICK-UP Drench Powder

Energy and mineral supplement for cattle.

Available from veterinary clinics

Active Constituents
  • Calcium Propionate
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • DCAD Plus™
  • ActiSaf® Sc47 HR+ 
  • Celmanax™
  • OrganoTrace™-P Top-5

An aid in rehydration, acid-base balance, volume replacement and inappetance in cattle post calving.


Not to be used before calving.

Directions for Use


Refer to product label and feed according to veterinarian instructions.


Withholding Periods


MEAT: Zero (0) days

MILK: Zero (0) days



Zero (0) days



Store in a dark, cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight and moisture. Open containers should be resealed.  

Pack Sizes

105270  1kg Sachet  l  12 units per carton   

VetreSTART® is exclusively available through veterinary practices.



10 reasons to give VetreSTART CRU Pick-Up Drench to freshly calved and inappetant cows:

  1. Drenching acts to reverse dehydration. Freshly calved cows are normally dehydrated. This is a predictable consequence of the increased respiratory rate and sweating associated with calving, and the cessation of drinking during labour. Dehydration reduces feed intake in ruminants, and reduction in feed intake increases the risk of metritis, sub-clinical ketosis and left displacement of the abomasum.
  2. It provides 140 g of calcium as propionate. Calcium propionate has a more sustained effect on plasma
    calcium concentration than calcium chloride, the calcium salt used in boluses. In clinical trials calcium
    propionate significant halved milk fever risk, increased plasma calcium and reduced plasma NEFA and
    ketones Goff et al. 1996 J. Dairy Sci., 79, 378-383.
  3. It provides 9.8 g of magnesium, giving further protection against hypocalcaemia and milk fever.
    Parathyroid hormone improves the mobilization of calcium from its stores in bone, an essential process for
    avoidance of milk fever. However, its production and action both depend on magnesium and negative DCAD diets before calving. The intake of magnesium in feed consumed by a freshly calved cow may be inadequate. VetreSTART CRU Pick-Up Drench ensures magnesium is supplied.
  4. It provides 95 g of potassium, which stimulates appetite and provides a positive DCAD balance after calving. Not only are cows dehydrated, but they rapidly move into a metabolic acidosis after calving.
    DCAD Plus™ (stabilized potassium carbonate) provides a positive DCAD diet and buffering at a time when risk of acidosis is greatest i.e. with increased concentrate in the diet and counters metabolic acidosis. Potassium stimulates feed intake. VetreSTART CRU Pick-Up Drench is the only product containing DCAD Plus™.
  5. Calcium propionate reduces plasma beta-hydroxybutyrate and non-esterified-fatty-acid (NEFA)
    concentration after calving, so reducing the risk of post-calving diseases. The propionate in calcium propionate is glucogenic and reduces the mobilization of fat to produce NEFA and the formation of ketones.
    The risk of metritis, ketosis and displaced abomasum is substantially lower in cows with a low post-calving
    plasma NEFA concentration. Ospina et al. (2009) J. Dairy Sci., 93, 546-554, Lean et al (1994) Res Vet Sci.
  6. It provides a powerful live yeast, Actisaf®, which has a stabilizing effect on rumen microflora and function.
  7. In trials, treatment with calcium propionate reduced metritis. In a clinical trial, 10% of a control
    group drenched with water alone suffered this disease, but there was no post-calving metritis in cows
    drenched with a solution of calcium propionate Stokes and Goff (2001), Professional Animal Scientist, 96,
  8. Treatment with a formulated drench also reduced the incidence of left displacement of the
    abomasum. In a clinical trial, the incidence of left displacement in untreated cows was 6.3%. In the treated
    cows, it was just 3.1%. Melendez et al. (2003), Theriogenology, 60, 843-854.
  9. This drench can be used instead of calcium boluses to provide calcium, and provide glucogenic
    propionate, magnesium and yeast with no extra work. It is just as easy to drench a cow once as it is to
    bolus her twice, and VetreSTART CRU Pick-Up Drench provides more ingredients for additional benefits.
  10. More milk. In a field evaluation, average milk yield per cow increased by 6 litres per day when routine
    drenching with a well formulated Fresh Cow drench was introduced. Pedesen, J (2004), Danske
    Maelkeproductcenter, December 2004. Australian field experience using VetreSTART CRU Pick-Up Drench has demonstrated a remarkable return to peak milk production in cows treated, then offered a balanced ration. Lean, IJ and V. MacDonald (2013), Pers. Comm.

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