Vitafarm® Piglet Milk Replacer

Active Constituents

Superior quality spray dried milk powders, Betaine®, Performance vitamins and minerals, Lecithen, Vanilla Flavour, Lysoforte®, Safmannan® and Formi®.


Vitafarm Premium Piglet Milk Replacer (Per Kg Fed)

PROTEIN 28% (Min) FAT 20% (Min)

Vitamin A (iu) 20,000, Iron (mg) 90, Vitamin D3 (iu) 2,000, Zinc (mg) 60, Vitamin E (mg) 96, Copper (mg) 10, Vitamin C (mg) 80, Cobalt (mg) 0.6, Choline (mg) 200, Selenium (mg) 0.2, Vitamin B6 (mg) 7.8, Magnesium (mg) 100, Vitamin K (mg) 2.0, Vitamin B12 (mg) 0.03, Manganese 35 (mg), Folic Acid (mg) 0.1, Thiamine (mg) 6.0, Riboflavin (mg) 4.0, Nicotinic Acid (mg) 15, Pantothenic Acid (mg) 5.0, Biotin (mg) 0.5, Iodine (mg) 0.8, Lysoforte® (mg) 3000, Betaine® (mg) 7500, Formi® 5000, Fibosel® (mg) 250, Bio-Mos® (mg) 2000, Amino Acids.

Directions for Use

Liquid Feeding :

  • Simply add 200gms of Vitafarm Piglet Milk Replacer per 1 litre of warm water (35 degrees Celcius)

Gruel Feeding:

  • Simply mix liquid Vitafarm Pig Milk Replacer with solid feed to a porridge consistency.
  • Supply piglets with a sufficient amount of dispensed milk or gruel that can be easily consumed within 4 hours.

Daily Feeding Schedule:


Feed colostrum and sow’s milk for the first 4-7 days where possible

Feeding 100ml of colostrum, five times daily, during the first day will improve substantially the survival rate of piglets raised on milk replacer.

Weaning transition:

Mix as a gruel with solid feed for approximately 5-7 days pre-weaning and 2 days post-weaning.


Vitafarm® Premium Piglet Milk Replacer is the combined benefit of carefully selected milk powders, fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, specifically designed to deliver the high nutritional needs of young piglets and to enhance their health
and wellbeing during their critical growth period.

Our Premium Piglet Replacer is of the highest quality, specifically formulated for piglets, and boosted with Formi Acids, Betaine, Lysoforte and Safmannan®, to support animal performance whilst consistently providing a great source of energy and protein.

For superior weight gain and a Vital start to Life, Vitafarm Piglet Milk Replacer is a companion to your litter.

Prime benefits of Vitafarm Piglet Milk Replacer:

SPRAY DRIED MILK POWDERS – Provide your piglets with a rich source of protein and energy. Improved immunity development results from higher dietary levels of protein.
VITAMINS & MINERALS – Fortified with vitamins and minerals that are essential to accelerate growth and maintain good health.
BETAINE® – A natural osmolyte which aids in the hydration and performance of your animals during periods of heat and stress. It also assists in digestion and disease resistancy to aid and accelerate your growth and productivity goals.
LYSOFORTE® – A powerful biosurfactant that enhances fat and nutrient absorption by improving efficiency of fat utilization in the animal.
SAFMANNAN® – Gastrointestinal health and integrity are essential for animal performance. Safmannan, a prebiotic-type product ‘feeds the GI tract’ and so plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production. Contains exposed and activated beta-glucans to assist in boosting the animal’s natural self-defence system and performance.
FORMI® – A potassium salt of Formic Acid, possessing strong anti-microbial effects and an effective digestibility enhancer.

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