Australian leaders in whole life animal nutrition
100% Australian owned & supporting Australian farmers

About Us

ProviCo Pty Ltd founded in 2003 is proudly 100 % Australian owned by people with generations of direct farm experience, we understand what Australian farmers need and how to assist them improve their farm productivity and animal and soil health.

Australian leader for infant animal products and nutritional solutions

ProviCo is Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of premium quality animal nutrition milk replacers made with Australian dairy ingredients. ProviCo’s flagship ProfeLAC brand and vitamin fortified products are sold nationwide. ProviCo is known for its range of innovative products that deliver health and performance benefits for growing and production animals.

ProviCo is committed to research, development and new product innovation. ProviCo’s combination of cutting edge technology and researched ingredients deliver exceptional products for rearing healthy, quality infant animals as well as driving performance in production animals. These R&D supported product benefits generate strong producer and reseller demand making ProviCo an Australian leader for infant animal products and nutritional solutions.

Supporting Australian Sustainability in manufacturing and agriculture.

ProviCo is active in the circular economy we work closely with the Australian agriculture and food industry to assist them minimising waste and by-products. We are passionate about sustainability in manufacturing and on farm. Our joint venture partnership VRM-ProviCo is providing Australian farmers with access to VRM Biologik’s sustainable fertilizer alternatives that will help drive higher farm yield and profitability.

We are continually working research bodies develop an expanded product range and new product development. ProviCo is committed to grow our existing Australian manufacturing operations to employ local Australian people and support Australian farming families.