ProfeLAC Supreme

ProfeLAC Supreme is a premium quality, high nutrient specification milk replacer for calves, designed for elite performance in health, digestive development and mammary development.

ProfeLAC Supreme is ProviCo’s top of the line Calf Milk Replacer, formulated in partnership with global leaders in calf health and nutrition, to grow high quality dairy heifers into high performing dairy cows, that are both healthy, and productive.

ProfeLAC Supreme is a high fat, high protein (casein based) Calf Milk replacer, designed to get as much nutrition into every mouthful as possible. ProviCo’s proprietary fat formulation technology provides high fat with breadth of long, medium and short-chain fatty acids, blended with even globules ensured high levels of digestible energy.

For best results, add ProfeLAC Supreme to half the required volume of warm water. Mix thoroughly, and once fully dissolves, add the remaining water to achieve the desired volume. Feed at approximately 38°C. Do not feed above 40°C.

For optimal calf growth and health, research suggests feeding approximately 1.5% of the calf’s bodyweight as solids. Accordingly, we recommend calculating the desired target Dry Matter Intake (DMI), and then determine the mix rate (solids concentration) and feed volume from there.

To get the amount per feed that should be fed, divide the target litres/day by the number of feeds per day. ProviCo does not support once a day feeding practices, as they are not in the best interests of the calf.

In consultation with your Vet/Nutritionist, or using the NRC Calf Calculator App, determine the best program for you, your calf goals and your systems/infrastructure.

Premium quality dairy powders and a custom Vitamin and Mineral Premix, including: Vitamins A, C, D3, E & K3, B group Vitamins, Minerals (Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, I, Se), Choline, Natural Betaine, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Celmanax*.

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