ProviCo Rural Partnership with The Product Makers.

ProviCo Rural is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality animal nutrition products.

ProviCo Rural is a leader in sustainable agricultural products designed to improve the productivity of farms by prioritizing the health and well-being of farm animals and soil. Founded in 2003, it is proudly 100 percent Australian-owned by individuals who bring generations of direct farm experience to the fold.

The Product Makers (Australia) Pty Ltd. (TPM), is an international flavor and bioactive company that develops, supports and innovates across food and beverage markets. Since 1985, its research and development team has created natural flavors and additives for leading beverage and food manufacturers.  The bioactive product development began in 2005, leading to the discovery of a range of natural polyphenol-rich sugarcane extracts (PRSE) for applications in food and beverages and general health and wellness for humans and animals. One such patented product is an extract for animal feeds, Polygain™.

ProviCo Rural is pleased to announce its distribution partnership with TPM’s product Polygain, initially focusing on ruminants.

TPM is supported by ongoing links to research and development providers including, Sydney University, La Trobe University, James Cook University, Victoria University, University of New England, Melbourne University, RMIT, Deakin University, CSIRO, Mahidol University (Thailand), Pulchribio International, and Brunswick Labs USA. Polygain is accredited by Brunswick Laboratories USA for its antioxidant properties.

This partnership is exploring commercial farm trials to extend on initial encouraging studies with Polygain™.

These trials will be investigating the potential of Polygain™ to:

  • Improve feed conversion efficiency
  • Reduce dependence on antibiotics and other synthetic treatments
  • Improve Gut Health
  • Reduce heat stress, oxidative stress and mortality
  • Improve quality and shelf life of animal products
  • Modulate immunity and anti-inflammatory pathways
  • Improve condition, animal welfare and physical appearance
  • Mitigate methane
  • Reduce feed waste

ProviCo Australia managing director Andrew Paterson called the new partnership a win-win situation for both companies. “This opportunity perfectly aligns with ProviCo’s longstanding commitment to research, development, and new product innovation. It is our mission and vision to deliver exceptional products that drive performance in production animals. We are delighted to offer Polygain in our selection of quality products.”

Upon the completion of all field trials and the delivery of industry success, ProviCo Rural and Polygain plan to support the Australian, New Zealand, and Japanese markets.

TPM CEO Shane Mitchell says, “We are very excited to announce that we are currently conducting large dairy trials targeting FCR improvement, methane mitigation, promoting animal welfare with the view to maximize productivity for hard-working farmers. Initial studies have been very encouraging with Polygain.  All the animals we have fed Polygain to showed an appetite improvement and a beneficial microbiome shift with our product. We are looking forward to the productive ongoing partnership with ProviCo Rural.” 

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