ProviCo is growing — come and visit us at our new home!

ProviCo is expanding and we’ve got some exciting plans for the future, our clients and our local Australian communities too. We’re pleased to announce the launch of an all-new, user-friendly website and online shop. Visit us at to shop for products at our new e-commerce store and stay up to date with all of our news and developments. Read on to find out what you can look forward to from our new website and our product line in the future.

Discover the new ProviCo website: a one-stop shop for all your animal nutrition needs

Whether you’re a farmer, vet, manufacturer, company or consumer, you’ll find everything you need at our brand new ProviCo website — Our new website will replace, and will be a one-stop shop for all your animal nutrition needs.

Stay informed of all the latest industry news and information

Just like our current website, will be a leading source of information for the animal nutrition sector. We’ll continue to update our site with useful, informative articles and current, relevant content such as rearing and other technical guides, and the latest industry news.

A user-friendly new interface 

ProviCo is excited to embrace the full capabilities of modern technology in order to supply only the best products to Australia’s farmers, vets and manufacturers with speed and with ease. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the solutions, support and advice they need. That’s why our new website has been designed with a fresh, user-friendly interface and the customer in mind. You’ll now be able to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.  

Shop at our new e-commerce store

The way we shop is changing, and we’re adapting to meet your needs. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new e-commerce store at Here, you’ll be able to buy high-quality, Australian-made small animal nutritional products.

We now accept Paypal

What’s more, we’ve eliminated the slow process of face-to-face transactions and bank transfers. Simply browse our products at our online shop at, select the agricultural goods you need and we’ll ship your purchases directly to your farm, home or workplace. You can even pay for your products via Paypal for fast, easy transactions.

Prefer to shop in store? Our new website will also have full details of our current stockists, so you can find a store that’s convenient to you.

ProviCo, Dairy Best Victoria and Australian Dairy Goods are merging

We’re merging our three brands — ProviCo, Dairy Best Victoria and Australian Dairy Goods — into one single, all-Australian brand: ProviCo. Our name reestablishes and consolidates our original core principles of being a leading Australian Protein Vitamin Company that’s proud to support Australian farmers.

Meet our new divisions: ProviCo Rural, Provico Nutrition and Provico Sustainability

The ProviCo brand will now operate in three divisions — ProviCo Rural, Provico Nutrition and Provico Sustainability — to supply and produce our wide range of products and ensure all of our nationwide markets are fully catered to. Each of our new divisions will be represented on our new website

ProviCo Rural

Our ProviCo Rural division will represent some of Australia’s most sought-after livestock products, including all of our milk replacers, milk additives and milk boosters. ProviCo Rural will continue to manufacture our wide range of high quality feed and vitamin-fortified products for Australian cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and other animals.

Our ProviCo Rural division will also include our full range of livestock feed, digestive aids, prebiotic powders and yeasts products, as well as our popular biosecurity program for calf rearing. You’ll also find all of our exclusive veterinary range and our farm biological products here.

Provico Nutrition

ProviCo Nutrition  represents the popular Peak Nutritionals range, as well as a variety of skim and whole milk powders for human consumption. All of the premium quality milk products we supply and distribute are made from quality Australian dairy ingredients.

ProviCo Sustainability

We’re passionate about sustainability, both in manufacturing and on the farm. That’s why we’re continuing to stay active in the circular economy with our new division, ProviCo Sustainability. We’ll continue to work closely with the Australian agriculture and food industry, as well as with local farming communities and companies, to help minimise waste and by-products.

ProviCo Sustainability will represent innovative products such as VRM Biologik’s sustainable fertiliser alternatives. These products are essential in helping to drive higher farm yield and profitability.

The ProviCo Sustainability division will also include our waste harvesting programs, which are focused on achieving environmental sustainability and fertility in local Australian farming communities. We’ll continue to work with research bodies to develop and expand our product range too. What’s more, our ProviCo Sustainability team will remain committed to growing our existing manufacturing operations, employing and supporting local Australian people and farming families.

Buy through ProviCo and support Australian business and agriculture

100% Australian-owned, with only Australian ingredients

ProviCo is proud to be 100% Australian-owned. We’re Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of premium quality animal nutrition milk replacers, and all of our products are made from quality Australian dairy ingredients.

Generations of farming experience

We tap into generations of direct farming experience and knowledge to create products that Australia’s farmers want and need, and take pride in helping them improve farm productivity and animal and soil health.

Supporting Australian farming families

By buying through ProviCo — either online at our new website or in store — you’ll not only be supporting an Australian-owned and -operated company, but our wider agricultural community too. That’s because at ProviCo we’re fully committed to growing our existing manufacturing and supply operations, creating jobs for local Aussies and helping to support Australian farming families.

Find out more

Visit our new website today to find out more about our plans for the future, shop our products and keep abreast of all the latest industry news.