Feedrite Calf Rearer Mix

Non-medicated, highly palatable steam-flaked barley and pellet mix for optimal rumen development in growing calves.

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Active Constituents
  • Molasses (sweeter to aid palatability)
  • Quality grains (steam-flaked maize barley)
  • Vegetable proteins (high-protein starch pellet)
  • Lucerne Chaff (quality, dust free effective fibre)
  • Includes vitamins, organic trace minerals, buffers, and Actisaf in a high protein/starch pellet to aid consumption
Typical Analysis As Fed
Crude Protein Min. 18%
Urea NIL
Crude Fibre Max. 12%
Calcium 1.0%
Phosphorus 1.5%
Energy (ME) Min. 12 Mj/kg
Ionophore NIL

NON-medicated calf rearer mix with high palatability to encourage early consumption and optimal rumen development in growing calves. 


Does not contain any ionophore – suitable for non-medicated beef programs.

Directions for Use

Dairy – Introduce Calf Starter Muesli from 2 days of age to encourage early consumption of starter feed, then transition across to Calf Rearer Mix or a readily available Calf Starter ration (pellets or mash).

Beef – Introduce Calf Rearer Mix from 2 days of age to encourage early consumption of starter feed and continue feeding throughout the rearing phase.

NOTE: To benefit from the ActiSaf® difference in an alternative product or ration contact ProviCo Rural for more information 1300 380 343

Withholding Periods


MEAT: Zero (0) days

MILK: Zero (0) days


MEAT: Zero (0) days


Zero (0) days



Store below 30°C (Room Temperature) out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. Keep off floors and away from walls and roofs exposed to direct sunlight. Protect from moisture. Ensure opened bag is kept tightly closed and sealed after use and when in storage.

Pack Sizes

106910  20kg Bag  l  48 bags per pallet

106915  800kg Bulkabag



  • Molasses – ensures rapid growth and increases starter intakes
  • Min. 18% crude protein (as fed) – optimal growth and development
  • High starch content – accelerates rumen papillae growth
  • Steam-flaked barley –improves texture for acceptance and digestibility in the developing rumen
  • Aids in micro-nutrient consumption, improves gut health and feed conversion efficiency 
  • High protein/starch pellet carrier ensures palatability and consumption of essential micro-nutrients
  • Vitamins and minerals to support metabolic processes
  • ActiSaf® live yeast improves growth rates and feed conversion


  • 24% improved pre-weaned growth rates – hit target weights earlier
  • 18% improved feed conversion – get more out of your starter feed
  • Accelerated microbe colonisation  early rumen microbial  activity
  • 2 day old calves discovering Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli
  • 10 day old calves relishing Feedrite Calf Starter Muesli

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